Wind and Wave ElementsOn this home-page I will tell you about the windsurfing in Kharkov. Windsurfing in Kharkov is enduring, to put it mildly, not the best time now. It can be explained with taking into account the unsatisfactory material state of the most people. But the real fans of The Wind and Wave Element are still going in for their lovely kind of sport and a way of having a rest, attracting new admirers towards this splendid way of living. From one side this home-page or on-line magazine with the title «The Wind and Wave Element» (WWE) is created to tell the uninformed Kharkovites about the existing of the windsurfing, to show that despite everything, today windsurfing is available for the majority, if not for everybody. From the other side, here will be placed some valuable information for those who have been going in for windsurfing already. It seems to me that the title «WWE» depicts the windsurfist’s living space in the most exact way. In WWE there will be placed reports about the competitions, reviews of the modern equipment, some teaching articles for those who are just the beginners in windsurfing, the descriptions of places suitable for sailing, different interviews, information about the windsurfing actions, adverts about the admission into the sections, Internet News, etc.

Sorry, the most part of the articles are presented only in Russian now.

  • How do we live
  • What places do we visit, who are our friends
  • The page for beginners
  • Our problems :-(
  • Plans News, reviews, simply useful information
  • Adverts
  • Windsurfing in Internet

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